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WBL/Tag Internship

Work Based Learning (WBL)

About the program:

The WBL program offers three different options.

1. Work Based Learning (Teaching) - Students to serve as a teaching assistant in a
classroom setting
2. Work Based Learning (Office Asst) - Students assist in the school offices and
learn about different business processes and procedures
3. Work Based Learning Program (Off Campus job) - Students are released for
periods five and six to receive hands-on learning through employment in a variety
of worksites.


  • Grades are on track to graduate
  • No attendance or discipline related issues
  • Completed application for the WBL programs sent to Ms. S. Mccall
  • Three teacher recommendations sent directly to Ms. S. Mccall
  • Counselor recommendation sent directly to Ms. S. Mccall

Contact: Ms. McCall in room 438


Tag Internship

About the program:

This course provides an on-site (off campus), mentorship/internship study opportunity for
TAG students with a post-college career interest in fields such as accounting,
advertising, architecture, banking, engineering, journalism, law, medicine, veterinary
medicine, or any career of the student’s interest. Students are placed with a professional
in their career field of choice and are evaluated by the on-site supervisor in addition to
the TAG teacher.


  • Successful completion of the HIRE ME! Seminar conducted weekly during lunch
    by Mr. M. Martin
  • Two teacher recommendations sent directly to Mr. M. Martin
  • Career interest interview with Ms Isaacs, the Internship county level coordinator

Contact: Mr. Smarr – TAG office Room 337