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Northview Cell Phone Policy

Students may not use cell phones during class unless explicitly approved on a specific day for instructional purposes by the teacher.

  • Upon entering the classroom, all students must place their cell phone in the assigned classroom location (pocket chart, box, etc..)
  • Once placed in the cell phone holder, students may not access during class time without the explicit permission of the teacher on a specific day for instructional purposes.
  • If leaving the classroom (hall pass) cell phones must remain in the classroom holder; students are not allowed to bring phones with them.
  • If a student uses their cell phone during classroom instruction without permission, the teacher will submit an office referral. This is a Tier 2 offense. The first violation of this code of conduct rule will result in 4 hours of afterschool detention with each instance after moving up the progressive discipline model leading to revoking of cell phone privilege.